Friday’s Exorcisms

The exorcism we visited on Friday was new to me in that not only was it the first exorcism/public deliverance I witnessed but also my first time in a church. The appearance of the church was actually surprising to me. I know it was a non-denominational church, but it was still a very underwhelming experience. […]

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After last class my head was spinning so fast I could not decipher right from left never mind conceptualize Latour’s Constitution of Modernity. I left knowing that Latour does not believe in pre-modern or modern because simply the world is a-modern. During the class session I struggled to understand how there could not be a […]


Awareness of Possession

Throughout the many different accounts of exorcisms and possessions that we have been exposed to there seems to be some tension between the victims who are aware of their possessions or oblivious to it. So what kind of factors contribute towards a victim’s awareness? Why is it that some people will be completely aware and […]

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