Guests and Class Review

The class session with the guests was interesting to me. It opened my eyes to a unique perspective and somewhat skepticism for the first time in the semester. Mostly, my skepticism came from the Ghost Hunter guy…as we discussed in class, his over-excentric and overwhelming desire to make a quick buck and gain more fame made his passion and credibility seem unauthentic. The other woman that we interviewed did seem genuine as other classmates pointed out.

For the most part, the class presented lots of different perspectives and takes on the topic of exorcism. Some more believable than others but all of these perspectives helped to lain the whole picture of why exorcism is important in our world and society regardless of whether or not we believe in it or not. This class also presented unique perspectives of exorcism being related to something other than Catholic priest with Holy Water or a possessed person throwing up green pea soup. However, the many different approaches to exorcism (what is natural?, exorcism in the media, etc.) were helping in presenting a unique and general perspective to exorcism that added some variety and more meaning to the topic than what I had known about before.


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