Exorcism in a tangible form

Latour believes that modernity is not a thing as entire purification is impossible. In the top-bottom direction, that might be true as currently it is unknown how far you can go beyond the atomic structure or to describe in detail the foundation of an idea. However does modernity always have to be defined as the […]

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The “Natural”

Two weeks ago, we talked about exorcism and health. To start our conversation, we first discussed what “natural” means. We used a variety of words to describe the term, including “organic,” “without human interference,” and “exterior process.” These are all connotations and definitions for a word that is tossed around so frequently, and in any […]

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Seeing Demons in the Mundane

One big takeaway I have gotten from this class so far is a de-glamorization of exorcism and demons. The portrayal of exorcism and all the typical Hollywood tropes has led me, and I suspect many average Americans, to imagine dramatic, ritualistic ceremonies in a candle lit room where a priest reads solemnly from the Bible […]

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Psychology and Exorcism

After our discussion last week and the videos we watched, I started think more about exorcism as a treatment. We began this course by discussing rituals and the way that exorcisms have been framed in this context. Recently we’ve looked at various examples in media that treat these ‘rituals’ as treatments. In the Oprah special […]

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Possession vs. Mental Illness

As we have addressed possible symptoms exhibited during a demonic possession/ exorcism, the question of the difference between mental illness and actual possession seems to have become a blurred line. It has been posited that the Vatican now distinguishes the two, and that an exorcism cannot be performed on someone who is actually mentally ill […]

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