Interview with an exorcist

As an alternate to going on the field trip, I had to interview someone who performs exorcisms or helps out during exorcisms. I interviewed a pastor at St. Peter’s Church in Trinidad and Tobago. This is a Baptist church and the Pastor has been a member of this church for more than 20 years. I […]

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An Experience in Wareham

Last Friday we ventured out to the River of Life Church in Wareham, MA to witness Jay Bartlett perform an exorcism service. Although I am Catholic and only believe that priests have the ability to perform exorcisms, I entered the service with excitement and an open mind. To start off Jay read passages from the […]

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Power in the Name of Jesus

Our experience at the River of Life Ministries was definitely one to remember, even if the service did feel a bit uncomfortable or questionable at times (disorientation). If anything, I left the service with more questions and criticisms than I had coming into the exorcism. Most of us in the class were able to call […]

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Greek Orthodox Baptism

In lieu of the experience at the deliverance ministry, I interviewed Father Evan Armatas of  the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Loveland, CO. When I first heard from Fr. Evan from a family friend I didn’t think that it would be worth contacting him because I was under the impression that exorcisms were not a […]

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Guests and Class Review

The class session with the guests was interesting to me. It opened my eyes to a unique perspective and somewhat skepticism for the first time in the semester. Mostly, my skepticism came from the Ghost Hunter guy…as we discussed in class, his over-excentric and overwhelming desire to make a quick buck and gain more fame made […]

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My experience at the River of Life Ministries was indeed disorienting. I have faith that Jay Bartlett’s prophecy will hold true for me: “…these university students were able to witness some powerful exorcisms that, no doubt, will be impressed on their minds for a very long time” – though, I think, for very different reasons […]


Friday’s Exorcisms

The exorcism we visited on Friday was new to me in that not only was it the first exorcism/public deliverance I witnessed but also my first time in a church. The appearance of the church was actually surprising to me. I know it was a non-denominational church, but it was still a very underwhelming experience. […]

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